Sport Caps

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  • Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Ashwaganda Root




Herbology Sport Caps for serious sportsmen and ladies, I developed these on request, for the quintessential sportswoman or man. Every single person who does any kind of sport for 30 mins a day will benefit hugely from these powerful little capsules.

Not only will you be able to do MORE, but you will also be able to go FURTHER, lift HEAVIER, run FASTER, think QUICKER and outmanoeuvre, everyone. Not only that, but you will also RECOVER quicker, which implies HEAL FASTER.

Suitable for bodybuilders, to distance athletes, to off-road bikers, yoga and gym instructors, even people that just want to walk the dogs (Lol), that these will change your life. I quite enjoy taking these when I go on a hike or have loads of stuff to get done when I have to do a workshop etc, they really are the caps you need to get you into that sporty mode.

Ashwagandha is one of the ingredients in these caps, and it has been clinically proven to promote muscle strength, growth and recovery and is therefore suitable for use in sports formulations.

The benefit is that these work like a match made in heaven when combined with the Slim Caps, but you CAN take them on their own for the Sports element.


2 reviews for Sport Caps

  1. Steve

    I’ve tried the capsule sample pack and I would say that these, pain, sexy time and the party caps are my absolute favs. 👍
    However, honestly speaking I find that the sport caps actually help my social anxiety way more than the boost, calm or happy caps and I will definitely be buying them again. They are not only great for working out but they actually do a lot more for me than some of the other capsules. Highly recommended. Thanks Herbology

  2. Kent

    I train Brazilian jiu-jitsu everyday as well as running and weight training and the Sports Caps have transformed my training experience entirely! I have far less issues with muscle fatigue, they boost my endurance and performance really well and I’ve found that my muscle recovery has also improved a whole lot! Stopped taking any other supplements and replaced everything with Sports Caps and these are all I need and more for power training sessions every day and during competition season! Thanks Herbology.

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