Herbology Herbal Capsules
The Herbology Herbal Capsules Range© is Organic, Vegan & Natural, Chemical & Narcotic Free. All our medicines are nootropic adaptogens, as in, they treat stress and anxiety first.
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Herbology CBD Oil
Herbology CBD Oil© is made under a legal permit, from CBD plants, that are grown with love and care, in organic greenhouses, not touched by chemicals or contaminants. We then extract our full spectrum oil over 24 weeks.
Herbology Herbal Tinctures
Herbology Herbal Tinctures© are matured and brewed over 12 weeks, all the while being charged on a crystal grid. Tinctures are herbal alcohol extractions. Single strains and blends available, yet subject to availability.
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Herbology Artisan Tea
Herbology Artisan Herbal Tea© , crafted by our Master Blender, is designed with two things in mind, your healing and your enjoyment. All our tea's are organic loose leaf raw flowers and herbs. Medicinal & Craft Tea's available.
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Herbology Workshop Calendar
Herbology workshops are designed to EMPOWER you with a skill and or technique that enables you to heal, grow and spread the healing. With learning how to grow your own medicine to making the medicine, to empowering and activating your soul.
Herbology Healing Center
Herbology Healing Center boasts a number of healing modalities to assist you on your healing journey, be it medical or spiritual. Most of our healing sessions occur outside in nature, where the energy of earth supports us.
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What Our customers say

Herbology is & has been changing my life. The products are extremely effective and far kinder to the body than heavy chemicals. Dee the owner and Herbologist has a wholesome approach to healing and takes the time to understand your concerns and symptoms before treatment. It is 100% recommended, give it a try.

Jeannie Bates

After approximately 10 years of being on antidepressants this is the first time I have managed to stop taking them after a month and a half on your happy caps. I am truly greatful and feel so much better. Thank you so much for your love and dedication that you put into your products

Lynette Howard

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