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Organic Herbs

We are a small local homegrown business, growing only small batches of herbs at a time, each patch of land we grow on is enhanced with crystal grids and classical music, our herbs are well loved and treated as companions not supply.

Happy plants make the most POWERFUL medicines. 

Organic Herbal Medicines

Our superior range of herbal medicines are nootropic adaptogenic in nature, 100% herbal, with no additives. Created by our Master Herbalist & Blender, to not only nourish your system but also treat the condition you are currently facing. 

Because it is only current…

Holistic Healing Services

We offer some additional holistic healing services such as:

Reiki, Crystal Healing, Card Reading, Colour Therapy. 

Our Workshops are designed to EMPOWER you to go out and live your best YOU.  Look forward to Psychic Developement, Herbal Medicine, Botanical Skin Care, and so much more. 

At Herbology we pride ourselves in delivering effective, powerful herbal medicines and remedies. Each product has been skillfully crafted by our Master Herbalist / Herbologist, ensuring not only efficacy but also consistency in quality and supply.

All our herbal medicines are made from the herbs we grow ourselves, we are responsible for everything from ground to end product. How else to we garantee it works? 

What Our customers say:

Herbology is & has been changing my life. The products are extremely effective and far kinder to the body than heavy chemicals. Dee the owner and Herbologist has a wholesome approach to healing and takes the time to understand your concerns and symptoms before treatment. It is 100% recommended, give it a try.

Jeannie Bates

After approximately 10 years of being on antidepressants this is the first time I have managed to stop taking them after a month and a half on your happy caps. I am truly greatful and feel so much better. Thank you so much for your love and dedication that you put into your products

Lynette Howard