“For every human ailment or disease, there is a plant, flower or herb that holds the cure”


The online shop is open 24/7, we ship nationwide, it takes us about 3 - 5 working days to get your order to you, or you can collect at the physical shop at no charge.


The Herbology Healing Center is open 5 days a week, with workshops, classes, meditations and all sorts of other spiritually nourishing practices for your soul journey.


Our physical shop is located at Weltervreden Farm, on John Votser Road, Rock Cottage, Weltervreden Park, Gauteng.



The Herbology Herbal Capsule Range© will replace all of your big pharma medication. With solutions for depression, anxiety, focus, weight loss, libido, high blood pressure, diabetes, youre garanteed to find what you need here, we even cater for our little ones with a kids range, AND we have a safe natural party alternative for the ‘not so’ youngsters.


Herbology CBD Oil© is made from CBD plants, that are grown with love and care, in organic greenhouses, not touched by chemicals or contaminants. Our oil is cold pressed, so no chemicals are used in the process. We also have our very own “infused” CBD oil, which is our strong CBD oil that has been infused with other herbs to give you even more support. We cater for humans and pets.


Herbology Smoke & Smudge© are 100% organc herb & flower tobacco replacement blends that assist in overcoming nicotine addiction, the beauty with them however, is that they double as ceremonial & sacramonial smoke blends that not only heal your lungs, but heal your spirit at the same time. Use recreationally or as your daily tobacco replacement, or as a tool for your spiritual growth. No NARCOTICS, GMO’s, CHEMICALS or NICOTINE!

What Our customers say

Herbology is & has been changing my life. The products are extremely effective and far kinder to the body than heavy chemicals. Dee the owner and Herbologist has a wholesome approach to healing and takes the time to understand your concerns and symptoms before treatment. It is 100% recommended, give it a try.

Jeannie Bates

After approximately 10 years of being on antidepressants this is the first time I have managed to stop taking them after a month and a half on your happy caps. I am truly greatful and feel so much better. Thank you so much for your love and dedication that you put into your products

Lynette Howard

“I Have A Healer, Her Name Is Nature"

I suppose I could tell you that fairies and witches, alongside elves, grew the herbs, and that they were then meditated over for a week and a day by monks of the lost order. There after the Shamans arrived to bless them. I could also tell you that they give you super natural powers, and awesome abilities, but alas, that would be a lie. The only thing they will do is HEAL you, CONNECT you and SUPPORT you.
The POWER lies in the herbs themselves, I am merely the conduit to having fun with them, whilst you heal.
Dee Stephens - Owner & Founder

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