Euphoric Blend

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  • Marshmallow
  • Mullein
  • Mugwort
  • Wormwood
  • Roses
  • Lavender


Let’s explore the Euphoric Blend, a harmonious concoction that bridges the gap between mind and body, inviting a gentle yet euphoric embrace. 🌿

Euphoric Blend Journey:

  • Relaxed Connection: Imagine a bridge spanning your mind and body, each step easing you into bliss.
  • Full-Body “High”: It’s like a soft cloud lifting you gently—no sudden drops, just pure elevation.
  • Magic and Wonderment: From this blissful state, creativity blooms like wildflowers after rain.
  • Euphoria Waves: Picture a gentle summer breeze—waves of euphoria caress your senses.

Practical Perks:

  • Evening Escalation: Kick your evenings up a gear with this delightful elixir.
  • Tea with Granny: Even a cozy tea session becomes an enchanting experience.
  • Gentle Yet Powerful: The effects linger for 35 to 60 minutes—long enough to savor, short enough to stay in control.

And here’s the secret:

  • Signature Blend: It’s my personal favorite—I carry it everywhere, like a hidden treasure.
  • Party Mode: For nights that demand “AMAZING AF,” pair it with Herbology Party Caps. 🎉

Remember: Euphoria awaits those who puff with intention. 🌟✨

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions 50 × 70 × 20 mm

5g, 10g

3 reviews for Euphoric Blend

  1. Belinda Camanjee

    Hi herbology admin, i really did not believe this, i thought there is no way this could be true, and still be legal and herbal and safe, so i reluctantly ordered 5g, really believing this is bull, but i was blown away! So gentle, yet so bloody powerful hahahahaha, i cant wait for payday to try more blends. These products rock! Thank you!

  2. Kelly Minroena

    We are loving this one! Thank you so much, been looking for a business like yours!

  3. Leeroy Maans

    Just WOW, youre going to be famous herbology, i also didnt believe this, but you made a believer out of me, rocking rocking rocking

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