Herbology Healing Center

What exactly do we offer here?

Master Herbalist

Master Herbalist Dee specializes in weaning you off chronic pharmacuetical medications, she is also the person who creates each and every single blend available. 

Additional Services:

Booking instructions are located at the bottom of the page. 

Meditation Classes

Our meditation classes run on a weekly basis, we have a facilitator that will gently guide your session and if you dont know how to meditate, she will teach how. 

Traditional African Healer

Sometimes the answers we seek do not lie within the realms of what we can see, touch or hear, sometimes we need to dig deeper and go in to get out. Tradional healers are shamans, here to shed light in dark times. 

Fasting Clinic

Fasting has many benefits, firstly to your health, it can REVERSE chronic conditions like lower BP and weight loss, let alone the spiritial aspects and benefits it has. In and out patient facilitation. 

Ni Chi Classes

Ni Chi was developed by the instructor, she has combined a collection of yoga, stretching, core strengthening and a few more techniques to provide you with a “soulfull” execise regime, that balances not only the mind, but strengthens the core and heals the soul. 



Classes are held at our venue, please call to book your space, as space is limited. 

Costs start at R120pp. 

Belinda: 072 045 9500  (8am – 4pm)


Sessions are conducted in the center, booking is essential as she is very busy. 

R850 per hour.

Gogo Nokukhanya: 078 802 2586  (8am – 4pm)


BP, Diabetes and Weightloss. There are a few packages available for you to choose from, each designed to suit your needs, KETO meals available here too. 

Marcus: 076 740 0000  (8am – 4pm)

Our mission

Quite simple really, save as many people as we can with plants & love.