Party Caps

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100% Herbal Party Capsules

20 Capsules ( 4 people, one night, rush ballz! )




HERBOLOGY Party Caps, for the real party animal, are unique in their nature, specially developed for the party, they will ignite your energy, boost your focus, stimulate every area of your brain and will allow for mild yet beautiful waves of euphoria that you will feel all over your body. Whats even more astounding is the way it blends in with your event, be it a lunchtime braai or a whopper of an evening, these party caps will highten and brighten anything else you are taking or drinking.

Party Caps elevate the mood and decreases your pent up anxiety, stress and tension. In ancient times, one of these herbs was used as a stamina aid for walking long distances, or in this case, for our purposes, dancing all night. Combined with the Euphoric blend, youre on to a cracker of a good time.

They will cause euphoria, for a period no less than 3 hours, and later on when the party is over, the natural effects of the herbs, will lull you off with its anti anxiety sedation properties as it eliminates toxins from the alcohol consumed and the morning after caps will re-energise your brain with seratonin the next day.

They really are mind blowing, to think that these herbs have been around and used for these purposes for centuries, and we are only now learning the secret to us using them for fun too.

The primary stimulant-like effects are similar to amphetamine, though less intense, they are powerful, expect the following: Increased energy and alertness, joy and chattiness a lil rushiness, more happiness, even more chattiness, coupled with utter blissful feelings of lekker!

The effects of these capsules last around four to six hours. When you consume it on an empty stomach, the effects are felt 30-40 minutes after the consumption. Please eat within 20mins, even just a biltong stick.  Increase by one cap at a time every 3 hours to feel the effects all night long. NO SIDE EFFECTS.

6 reviews for Party Caps

  1. Katrina Maizy

    I didnt believe this at first, I mean how could this even be true? Herbal MDMA, that is SAFE, CLEAN, 100% NATURAL, and kicks ass like the real deal. I was sat down, and shut up by the power of these unassuming little caps. Ill never need anything else! Thank you HERBOLOGY

  2. Ken Allen

    Oh My EFFING G, seriously wicked party! I’ll be back! Thanks, your products rock!

  3. Mari Lieben

    We rocked the night away! Thank you Herbology! I have been looking for exactly this kind of alternative. I would recommend this product in seconds.

  4. Sandi Amiradaki

    Review for Party Caps

    • deestephens

      Hi Sandi, thank you so much for your review, my product is generally safe as its natural, it really depends on the disorder though. Send me an email with your details, lets see if i can assist 🙂

  5. Geoff Craig

    Review for Party Caps
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  6. M

    brilliant! shocked at how these caps work so well😃 will be back for more.

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