Party Caps

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  • Sceletium Tortuosum
  • Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Sassafras


Use Responsibly.



The Herbology Party Caps are designed for those who love to celebrate life with vigor and vitality. These capsules are not just another addition to the party scene; they are a unique concoction that promises to amplify your energy, sharpen your focus, and stimulate your mind, providing gentle yet palpable waves of euphoria that resonate throughout your body. Remarkably, they harmonize with the rhythm of your festivities, whether it’s a daytime gathering or a grand evening affair, enhancing your overall experience.

As the life of the party, you can expect a sustained euphoric state lasting no less than three hours. Once the festivities wind down, the herbal composition of the Party Caps gently transitions you into a state of relaxation with its anti-anxiety and sedative properties. It aids in detoxifying the body from any alcohol intake, ensuring a restful aftermath. The following day, the ‘Morning After’ capsules work to rejuvenate your mind, replenishing serotonin levels to leave you refreshed and ready to take on a new day

The primary stimulant-like effects are: Increased energy and alertness, joy and chattiness a lil rushiness, more happiness, even more chattiness, coupled with utter blissful feelings of lekker!

The effects of these capsules last around four to six hours. When you consume it on an empty stomach, the effects are felt 30-40 minutes after the consumption. Please eat within 20mins, even just a biltong stick.  Increase by one cap at a time every 3 hours to feel the effects all night long.

6 reviews for Party Caps

  1. Katrina Maizy

    I didnt believe this at first, I mean how could this even be true? Herbal MDMA, that is SAFE, CLEAN, 100% NATURAL, and kicks ass like the real deal. I was sat down, and shut up by the power of these unassuming little caps. Ill never need anything else! Thank you HERBOLOGY

  2. Ken Allen

    Oh My EFFING G, seriously wicked party! I’ll be back! Thanks, your products rock!

  3. Mari Lieben

    We rocked the night away! Thank you Herbology! I have been looking for exactly this kind of alternative. I would recommend this product in seconds.

  4. Sandi Amiradaki

    Review for Party Caps

    • deestephens

      Hi Sandi, thank you so much for your review, my product is generally safe as its natural, it really depends on the disorder though. Send me an email with your details, lets see if i can assist 🙂

  5. Geoff Craig

    Review for Party Caps
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  6. M

    brilliant! shocked at how these caps work so well😃 will be back for more.

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