Meditate Blend


7g TIN

100% Natural & Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Smoke Blend, can be used as a mix for YOUR cannabis or and an extender, can also be used as a smudge on a hooka coal, as well as being able to use it in a dry vape device.


The Meditate Blend can be used for all things spirit. For starters it is spiritually cleansing and provides spiritual protection, healing, and is great for consecration. Its a phenominal aid if doing dream work, trance work, and intuitive development. The Meditate Blend clears the psychic channels and can be used for astral travel and channelling. It will clam your mind of chatter and cleanse your aura’s tensions & stress.

It can also be used in divination, including use in dream magic and in clairvoyance as it acts as a medium for enlightenment and or spiritual healing.

If you battle to meditate then this blend will help you get in the right head space and allow for easier transition.

SIP SOAK SMOKE or dry VAPE this blend.

Combine with the Dream Smoke Blend if you would like prophetic dreams. It packs a gentle yet firm punch in getting you connected.

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5g, 10g


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