PAIN Blend


7g TIN

100% Natural & Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Smoke Blend, can be used as a mix for YOUR cannabis or and an extender, can also be used as a smudge on a hooka coal, as well as being able to use it in a dry vape device.


The Pain Blend was developed beacuse of my 20 year struggle with migraines. This blend does not necessarily to kill the migraine, but targets all other possible pain sources, like tension and stress, it targets tension headaches, and PMS pain, menopuase migraines and stiff joints and tired nerves.

With over 15 different herbs, like White Willow Bark, California Poppy, Feverfew, and Calamus Root, to name but only 4 of them, you are bound to get some relief from the pain. Be it joint pain, headache, muscle tension or just stress. This blend is perfect for smoking in a pipe, but even better in a dry herb vape. Dont stress if you dont have a dry herb vape, the pipe delivers it just as good.

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