Liver & Kidney Cleanse Caps


60 caps pure organic :

  • Burdock Root
  • Liquorice Root
  • Dandelion Root
  • Milk Thistle
  • Turmeric Root


Herbology Liver & Kidney Cleanse Caps are a powerhouse of detox and cleanse for both your liver and your kidneys, and hers how they work and why:

  • Liver Health: Herbology Liver & Kidney Cleanse Caps benefit people with liver conditions such as cirrhosis, hepatitis B, and fatty liver disease
  • Its antioxidant properties help protect liver cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • They support liver function by protecting it from oxidative stress and promoting effective detoxification
  • They also help improve gallbladder function
  • Kidney Protection: The antioxidants in these capsules also benefit the kidneys by neutralizing free radicals and preventing oxidative stress
  • Herbology Liver & Kidney Cleanse Caps natural diuretic effects promote healthy kidney function by increasing urination
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Herbology Liver & Kidney Cleanse Caps contain antioxidants like quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids. These protect cells from damage caused by free radicals and reduce inflammation
  • Blood Sugar Regulation: Compounds in herbs used, such as chlorogenic acid, improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels
  • Potential Cancer Inhibition: Research suggests these herbs may inhibit certain cancers, including pancreatic carcinoma and melanoma
  • Liver Protection: They have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and liver-protective effects. They shield the liver cells and reduce inflammation
  • Peptic Ulcer Treatment: Our Liver & Kidney Cleanse Caps also treat peptic ulcers by increasing mucus production, reducing inflammation, and improving gut microbiome




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