Healthy Kid Caps


30 “0” capsules – 1 month supply


  • Elder Flower
  • Moringa
  • Cancerbush
  • Echhinicea
  • Love


Boost Your Child’s Immunity with Herbology Healthy Kid Caps

Inspired by personal health challenges faced by my child, Herbology Healthy Kid Caps emerged as a beacon of hope. In the early years, before I became a herbalist, my child experienced frequent fibril seizures with every fever, occurring almost tri-weekly. As he grew, the seizures subsided, yet we were besieged by relentless bronchial infections. Our home became a sanctuary for pumps, inhalers, and humidifiers, with antibiotics administered every three weeks and a kitchen cupboard dedicated solely to medications.

The turning point came with Herbology Healthy Kid Caps. Formulated to fortify children’s immune systems, these capsules are a natural remedy for combating common respiratory ailments. From sniffles and coughs to runny noses and chest congestion, Herbology Healthy Kid Caps help children overcome the typical school-time ailments, restoring their vibrant, rosy-cheeked vitality.

Key Ingredient Spotlight: Elderflower

At the heart of Herbology Healthy Kid Caps is the Elderflower, derived from the Elder tree. Renowned for its medicinal properties, Elderflower extract is a versatile remedy used to treat:

  • Sinusitis (swollen sinuses)
  • Respiratory Illnesses such as colds, influenza (flu), swine flu, and bronchitis
  • Metabolic and Digestive Issues including diabetes and constipation
  • It also serves as a diuretic (increasing urine production) and a diaphoretic (promoting sweating), beneficial for detoxification processes.

Elderflower’s therapeutic applications extend to being a gargle and mouthwash for alleviating symptoms of coughs, colds, laryngitis, flu, and shortness of breath.

Embrace the natural healing power of Herbology Healthy Kid Caps and witness the transformation in your child’s health and well-being.


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