Healthy Kid Caps


30 capsules – 1 month supply


  • Elder Flower
  • Moringa
  • Cancerbush
  • Echhinicea
  • Love


Healthy Kid Caps are the Breathe Syrup, just in capsule.

They born out of my very own battles with my child. When he was very little, under 5, he got fibril seizures when he got a fever, which was once every 3 weeks! Then as he got older, the seizures stopped but the recurring bronchial infections kept coming, blow after blow after blow. Eventually he was on pumps and inhalers, and we had humidiefiers every where, anti biotics every 3 weeks, and an entire kitchen cupboard assigned to medicine.

Anyway, i found a cure, kids of all ages can beat all the sniffles, coughs, runny noses, chesty coughs, bronchitis, phnuemonia, lung infections, TB, kills all of the possible ENT diseases or illnesses, It will even flush out the H1N1 virus. Beat the school nigglys and get your child rosy cheeked and healthy.


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