Hang Over Caps


Ingredients: 20 caps

  • Mitragyna Speciosa x 4 variants
  • Ashwaganda Root
  • Moringa Leaf


Herbology Hang Over Caps are the perfect partner to a night out with the clan, however as we are all aware these nights out can sometimes go totally south and leave you feeling like a train ran over your head, while being seasick.

The Hang Over Caps will not only ease nausea, vertigo, the pain, the mood, the EVERYTHING, but it will give you enough oomf! to go see mom as you promised!

These Herbology Hang Over Caps are packed full of moringa leaf powder.

Moringa has many uses. Here are two you may not be aware of. 

  1. Hangover:  The Moringa Oleifera powder has been shown to take away a severe hangover headache in as little as one hour. It will also help calm a queasy stomach associated with vomiting. Moringa Oleifera will help soothe your hangover by replacing essential vitamins and nutrients you lost overnight. It’s best to take the powder mixed with liquids, such as fruit juice, to have it start working immediately.
  2. Energy booster: Moringa will give you a natural lift through-out the day. Moringa powder will give you an extra natural energy boost without caffeine, preventing the afternoon caffeine crash. Moringa is a natural organic energy booster. Many martial art instructors and professional sports trainers use Moringa to extend their physical regimen even after their muscles are fatigued. Moringa will not give you the ups and downs of other nutritional supplements that are associated with caffeine and sugar. A good way to enjoy the benefits of Moringa is in a Moringa shake mixed with your favourite juice, ice and any variety of mixed berries.

Taken the morning after the night out. If youre prone to sever headaches after a night out, try the PAIN CAPS aswell…


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