Caps Sample Pack


Included in this pack:

  • 5 x Study Caps
  • 5 x Happy Caps
  • 5 x Sleepy Caps
  • 5 x Party Caps
  • 5 x Sexy Time Caps
  • 5 x His Caps
  • 5 x Hangover Caps
  • 5 x Hers Caps



Herbology Sample Caps have all the caps in them, so you get to experience each one.

Study Caps are perfect for exams, studieng, work projects that have hectic deadlines. They will boost your energy, your brain power, your mind will be sharp and focused with no fear of anxiety, as you will also be calm.

Happy Caps, the one you all love so much, does exactly that – they make you happy. No side effects, non addictive, works immidiately, no loading required.

Sleepy Caps, a most powerful herbal sedative, I have also just improved the recipe and they are now twice as strong with no lucid dreaming. Fall asleep quickly, sleep deeply, wake up refreshed.

Party Caps, the other favourite are unique, but very powerful. They effect everyone slightly differently, but all ways are totally enjoyable. A delicious blend of nootropics and adaptogens that will leave you and your brain healthier although partied out.

The Hangover Caps will do just the trick to get you up and about, energised and ready for the next day. They work well even for alcohol hangovers.

Sexy Time Caps …. lol, well they are for those intimate moments, they work for BOTH of you, but i actually designed them for HER, not him.

His Caps, the quintessential capsule for a well behaved happy man, with libido & testosterone support.

Hers Caps, the only capsule a woman going into menopause needs, they also treat cystic phybrosis, and all other ovarian type problems, mood boost included.


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