Sexy Time Caps



  • Mpesu
  • Bangalala
  • Mitragyna Speciosa
  • Love

2o caps per bottle


Herbology Sexy Time Caps

I’ve taken a long time to develop Sexy Time Caps recipe (and for good reason), as my goal was to assist women and men, EQUALLY, as conventional sexual stimulants are either only for men or dodgy at the very least. Using nothing but the very finest African sexual stimulant herbs. So they are GENTLE, yet horny little beasts.

Intimacy is one of those things that every relationship has to have, however, there are times in our lives, when life causes so much stress and anxiety that the chemicals in our brains change, and over time, before we know it, we have lost our zing! ┬áSome people have suffered all their lives and others due to traumatic events, for some its the menopause in women or “man”opause for men. The list goes on as to the reasons.

The Herbology Sexy Time Caps will make him harder, last longer, her wetter and more receptive, and Ive added some extra zing so that you BOTH have a euphoric, deep, emotionally connected experience TOGETHER.

True honest intimacy with a touch of WILD.

If you need some long term assistance to get the libido up over time, try the His Caps or Hers Caps


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