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70g loose organic whole leaf herbal tea


Herbology Breathe Tea for sinus and asthma realted issues, treats and fights all sinus issues, asthma-related issues, almost all allergies, kills colds & flu within days, no need for a GP, or antibiotics, it also assists people battling lung disease and helps fight emphysema. In fact any ENT & or bronchial lung or chest issues. Breathe tea gets its power from Elderberries and Elder Flowers.

The Breathe range of products was born out of my very own battles with my child. When he was very little, under 5, he got fibril seizures when he got a fever, which was once every 3 weeks! Then as he got older, the seizures stopped but the recurring bronchial infections kept coming, blow after blow after blow. Eventually, he was on pumps and inhalers, and we had humidifiers everywhere, antibiotics every 3 weeks, and an entire kitchen cupboard assigned to medicine.

Use 4 x a day for acute cases, 3 x a day for moderate cases, 2 x a day for mild cases and 1 x day every 3rd day for maintenance. Combine with the Moringa Caps for an all-round delicious wholesome change as well as an additional immune boost, and you wouldn’t do any harm.┬áSUITABLE FOR ALL AGES


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  1. Jan

    I were really sick with bad flu with blocked lungs and sinuses blocked. After using this tea for a week my symptoms gone

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