Balance Tincture



Herbology Spagyric Tincture 30mls

  • Alcohol
  • Trifolium pratense
  • Love


Herbology Balance Tincture for menopause and hot flushes, PMS and all other feminine hormone issues, by gently bringing you and your body back into balance. Herbology Balance Tincture stops a hot flush in its tracks within seconds. That’s the greatest gift it holds for you, thereafyer it treats all hormone related issues we face as women. Menopause has many symptoms, none of which are nice, some of which only a few will have and sometimes we have all of these symptoms, yet, each person is different and therefore this tincture balances rather than increases or decreases levels. Try pairing this with the HOT FLUSH CAPS, as these are better for night time use.

The Balance Tincture also treats : osteoporosis, arthritis, ovarian cancer, and mastalgia. The Trifolium pratense isoflavones are believed to act as a weak estrogen, which in fact reduces the amount of estrogen produced, thereby reducing pain related to hormonal imbalances. Pairs very well with our PAIN CAPS for additional pain relief.

PMS can be debilitating for girls coming into womanhood, and women leaving womenhood to become the wise elder. This tincture is suitable for girls from 14 years old up to women in their 90’s. Pairs very well with our HERS CAPS


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