Work CBD Oil


Ingredients: 30ml bottle


CBD qualities INCLUDE:

Relieves pain | reduces inflammation | relieves anxiety | treats psoriasis | promotes bone growth | inhibits cancer growth | reduces seizures | reduces vomitting and nausea | improves concentration | suppresses muscle spams | reduces blood sugar levels | regulates sleeping patterns | appetite suppresant | inhibits tumor cell growth | reduces risk of artery block | improves mood | prevents nervous system degeneration


Herbology WORK CBD oil for perfect focus and mental clarity

Herbology WORK CBD Oil is one of a kind. I have created the perfect FOCUS & MENTAL CLARITY CBD blends for your healing. Using only HERBOLOGY STRONG CBD oil, I have delicately infused it using ancient methods, to combine the FOCUS CAPS with the CBD oil, so you get all the benefits of CBD oil AND all the benefits of the FOCUS CAPS. But where the FOCUS CAPS are not for young children, the Focused Kid Caps and this oil are. It changes the game for those with hectic jobs and deadlines, bringing you a sense of calm yet totally on top of your shit!

It’s not restricted to children either, this oil work phenomenally well in patients with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and loss of memory.

This oil was created through the cold face of our healing centre, where we have many patients, especially young ones under the age of 12 who’s parents are in desperate need of a solution to deal with all ADD, ADHD, as well as MEMORY RETENTION issues, but also to avoid the sentence of RITALIN and the like.

This oil has been a long time in development and it brings me great pride and great joy to offer this type of advanced healing with herbs.


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