Sleep CBD Oil

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Ingredients: 30ml bottle

Using only HERBOLOGY STRONG Cold Pressed CBD oil, I have delicately infused it using ancient methods, to combine the SLEEP CAPS with the CBD oil, so you get all the benefits of CBD oil AND all the benefits of the SLEEP CAPS. But where SLEEP CAPS are not for children, this oil IS!

CBD qualities INCLUDE:

Relieves pain | reduces inflammation | relieves anxiety | treats psoriasis | promotes bone growth | inhibits cancer growth | reduces seizures | reduces vomitting and nausea | improves concentration | suppresses muscle spams | reduces blood sugar levels | regulates sleeping patterns | appetite suppresant | inhibits tumor cell growth | reduces risk of artery block | improves mood | prevents nervous system degeneration


Herbology SLEEP CBD Oil is one of a kind. I have created the perfect SLEEP CBD blend for your healing.

This oil was created through the cold face of our healing center, where we have many patients that come in with the same issues, like SLEEP. Your future really does depend on your dreams, so its important to get that sleep.

Sleep is critical because we have two types of cells, microglial cells and astrocytes, and these cells perform the cleaning process of the toxins in the brain. During sleep, microglial cells help remove a toxic protein which is actually found quite commonly in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients called and thats called beta-amyloid. The astrocytes prune away unnecessary synapses and repair the brain’s neural wiring… every time you sleep.

However, the same process is activated when the body is deprived of sleep, but instead of only attacking toxins, microglial cells and astrocytes start attacking healthy, functioning tissues, further stressing the value of sleep.



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