Organic Body Wash



250mls 100 % pure Castille Soap with added essential oil and non toxic colouring.


Made from the purest natural ingredients, (water, salt & oil) Herbology Organic Body Wash will leave your skin clean, hydrated & glowing. Absolutely zero chemicals, we use natural non toxic colours, and pure essential oils. Suitable for use on both the body and hair, and they all come with matching bath salts.

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AWAKE – Cedarwood & Orange Blossom, DEEP – Bergamot, Mellissa & Chamomile, INDULGE – Rose, Rose Geranium & Ylang Ylang, DREAMY – Lavender Blossoms & Delicate Jasmine, ANTI VIRAL – Clove, Orange, Sage, Tea Tree & Grapefruit, INVIGORATE – Lime, Tea Tree & Wintergreen


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