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Ingredients: 30ml bottle




The awe inspiring staggering effects of the Happy Caps are due to a very specific recipe and their componants of adaptogens & a group of alkaloids, these compounds interact with receptors in the brain, enhancing the production of dopamine, which is our primary inner pleasure chemical, and prolonging the activity of serotonin, a critically important mood compound.

CBD qualities INCLUDE:

Relieves pain | reduces inflammation | relieves anxiety | treats psoriasis | promotes bone growth | inhibits cancer growth | reduces seizures | reduces vomitting and nausea | improves concentration | suppresses muscle spams | reduces blood sugar levels | regulates sleeping patterns | appetite suppresant | inhibits tumor cell growth | reduces risk of artery block | improves mood | prevents nervous system degeneration


Herbology HAPPY CBD Oil is one of a kind. I have created the perfect HAPPY CBD blend for your healing. Using only HERBOLOGY STRONG Cold Pressed CBD oil, I have delicately infused it using ancient methods, to combine the HAPPY CAPS with the CBD oil, so you get all the benefits of CBD oil AND all the benefits of the HAPPY CAPS. But where HAPPY CAPS are not for children, this oil IS!

This oil was created through the cold face of our healing center, where we have many patients, especially young ones under the age of 6, in desperate need of a solution to deal with trauma and induce feelings of happiness.

CBD or CANNABIS is fabulous in every area, but the one thing it CANNOT do is make you HAPPY. It can and will remove anxiety and stress, which often feels like happiness but it isnt long lived nor a sustainable happy. Until NOW. This oil is SAFE for ALL AGES, but especially children who have suffered trauma.

This oil has been a long time in developement and it brings me great pride and great joy to offer this type of advanced healing with herbs.

HAPPY CBD is a first-rate anti-depressant and anti-anxiety aid, not to mention cancer prevention and all round immune defence.

1 review for Happy CBD Oil

  1. Zhoii Wolak (verified owner)

    Happy CBD has been an absolute game changer for my 4 year old son! He’s typically very anxious and has never slept well, something that unfortunately runs in our family, and since he’s been taking Happy CBD he’s so much more confident and not having meltdowns with the tiniest of changes. He’s been sleeping much better as well. Thank you for these amazing products!

    • deestephens

      Thank you Zhoii. We are so happy that our solution is working for you

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