CBD Cream


Ingredients: 200g

  • Bio Oil
  • Vit E Oil
  • Organic Grapeseed Oil
  • Pure CBD Oil
  • Organic Almond Oil
  • Hemp Oil


CBD Cream has much to offer you if you suffer with pain, sore joints, arthritis, muscle pain and tension, skin lesions, excema, psoriasis, skin cancer, etc…

Herbology CBD cream also comes in only one strength, STRONG, and offers the most incredible anti cancer fighting properties, especially for women where breast cancer is concerned. I personally use CBD cream daily, I sleep well at night knowing my chances are slim to none at all of getting cancer let alone breast cancer.

Applied topically, this cream offers you all of the above benefits of CBD, and i have blended it with Bio Oil, Vit E Oil and Grapeseed Oil & Almond Oil, all wrapped up in a delicious whipped mousse like cream, that will correct stretch marks, help elasticity of skin and renew cell growth. The CBD cream has a feint green colouring and a faint cannabis scent, quite a nutty fragance actually. There are no other essential oils used as some people are hyper allergenic.

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200g, 300g


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