Wild Cherry Herbal Tea

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70g organic wild cherries, herbs, flowers


Wild Cherry Herbal Tea is actually a fruit tea rather than herbal tea. Either way, it’s a firm favourite in our shop and the ladies love it. Here’s why: cherries contain a hormone called melatonin which facilitates good solid healthy sleep, so it’s great for insomnia. The Natural Medicine Journal published a study that supported the notion that the melatonin that is found in cherries assist in healthy sleeping patterns.

“Measures of sleep quality recorded by actigraphy and participants completed subjective sleep questionnaires. Sequential urine samples were collected for 48 hours before beginning the interventions and again for the 2 days after supplementation with juice or placebo. After a 14-day washout period, the groups crossed over and repeated the experiment. The melatonin metabolite, urinary 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (the major metabolite of melatonin) was determined in the urine samples. In addition, total urinary melatonin content was determined over the entire sample period, before and after the intervention. Trial differences were determined using a repeated-measures ANOVA.

Total melatonin content was significantly elevated (P<0.05) in the cherry juice group. No differences were evident between baseline and endpoint in the placebo arm of the study. There were significant increases in time in bed, total sleep time, and sleep efficiency total (P<0.05) with cherry juice supplementation. No difference was seen in the timing of the melatonin circadian rhythm, though there was a trend to a higher mesor and amplitude.”

Wild Cherry Herbal Tea can assist with weight loss. It can also lower hypertension and can prevent cardiovascular disease.

This tea is fully loaded with anti-ageing properties, it promotes healthy hair growth and maintains your body’s PH balance. There is a reason why it is called “the female energy fruit”


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