Heal from trauma and past issues in your relationship, like cheating, death, losing a job, becoming ill… 

Put the past in the past, forgive and reset your intentions with your partner, make new promises, release limiting beliefs and most of all, connect at a deeper soul and heart  level.


Valentines Day

Please read all the information below, THEN fill out this form with your booking query & add any questions you have.


Where do we take you?
Mountain Sanctuary Park, Magaliesburg

Via Bus
We meet & drop off at Ngwenya Glass Village

What do you need?
Takkies (we are hiking)
Sunscreen & Hat

How long will we be?
The whole day.


We are going into the wilderness, into the magalies mountain. We have a 1.5hour drive to the sanctuary, apon arrival we have a short trek through the camping grounds where you will get a toilet break and a snack if you like.
Then we trek accross the old dry river bed, to get to the deep crevices in the mountain, where the cold clean water is flowing. You will be climbing rock faces, but not hectic like.


This cleanse is about you reconnecting with your partner, 50% of the work here will be yours and yours alone. Please come to the cleanse well prepared to release that which causes pain and damage in your relationship, if there are things you wanna say, this is the safe place to do so. This is a deeply spiritual event, but you need to be 100% committed to making a change FOR GOOD.

Couples Counseling, Meditation and Tools to take home...

We always have more than one healer available to assist you and your needs, normally its Wandile & Marcus for the boys & Dee & Mbali for the girls. We always take the greatest care in protecting your relationship, and as such will assist in strengthening those bonds. 

On this outing, you will be guided through meditations and given breathe work, you will also be given couples exercises that are designed to connect your souls, you will have access to all the healers and you will be required to get into the water. Youre welcome to bring new symbols for your new commitment to each other, we will assist in the bonding ritual. Energy work NOT magic lol. 

Nitty Gritty Stuff


R4500 per couple

What you are actually paying for:

Transport there and back

Food & Refreshments

Entrance Fee to the sanctuary

The Water Cleanse Itself & The Healers

(energy work takes people and the energy these people have awsell as the magical stuff we use in and on this cleanse)

R900 freebie of Herbology Capsules to keep you and your partner on the right track after the cleanse

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