Summertime Groove 1

Nootropic Adaptogen Stacks Included:

  • Happy Caps 15 or 30
  • Party Caps 6 0r 12 (including hangover cure )
  • Calm Caps 15 0r 30
  • Sleep Caps 15 or 30
  • Love

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So the festive season is upon us, and the madness is about to land in full force, however that does not mean you have to stress out or have any panic attacks, the Summertime Groove 1 survival pack will keep you level headed, calm, happy and allow for an awesome party, and some much needed sleep.

With HERBOLOGY at your side, you’ll be WELL taken care of for 15 days at least! Thats only R30 per day to have a fabulous holiday!

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