Flowering Tea

This flower tea is  made by hand, Tender spring-picked green tea buds and jasmine flowers make up the base, while seven jasmine flowers open gradually in one line just like seven angels dancing elegantly in the water after the tea is infused.

A healthy treat to watch and an even better one to SIP.

Reduces Pain, Weight Loss, Antioxidant Properties, Protects Heart Health, Prevents Cancer, Controls Diabetes, Relieves Stress, Prevents Gastrointestinal Disorders, Boosts Immune System, Antibacterial Properties.

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Flowering Tea has its origins in China.

This tea is a mixed melange of different kind of flowers. This tea is a loose tea and captivates mind of all with its enthralling beauty and aesthetically royal setting of flowers. Due to the presence of many flowers in it, this tea is called as storehouse of many healthy benefits.


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7 Angels, Princess Flower, Blooming Richness, Good Fortune


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