Our healing center brings a number of powerful healing modalities into one offering that, as far as WE can tell, has not yet been seen before, here in South Africa.

We cross the divide of race & religion, of culture  & origins, with a resident SANGOMA & Traditional Healer, a Herbalist & Nyanga! Oh and we are COOL AF!

We have taken all our ancenstors ancient knowledge, all their forgotten remedies, all their old wives concoctions, the fabled and the lost, we have tested them and tried them all, to bring you something quite unlike that which youve seen before.

Its with dedication and love that we offer healing to all people, no matter your colour, creed or beliefs, we have no barrier to entry and we love ALL of Mother Earths gifts, that includes YOU!


Bookings opening
19 September 2019


Bookings opening
19 September 2019

The Happy AF Team

Meet Your Healers


Dee Stephens

I have a healer, her name is NATURE, I cant wait for you to meet her, she is SO awesome. Like get this, she feeds me, nurtures me, she keeps me healthy, she keeps me warm, she fills my soul and my heart with wonder and joy, like every single day! But most of all, she has a plant to heal every single human condition. Allow me to show you the way…


Gogo Nkokukhanya

I practice as a spiritual medium. The information for healing required is passed on to me through the connection of ancestors, guardian angels and spiritual guides. The healing I offer is vast and patient based as I work with energy. I am not a fortune teller and I do not do gimmicks, I take this gift bestowed upon me very seriously. The healing I offer vary from soul grounding (through meditation, cleansing/muthi) to family resolutions (through inhlambuluko – intervention that includes conflict resolutions, cleansing and coping exercises). 

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