Artisan Herbal Blends

HERBOLOGY is all about putting the FUN back into the boring old herb category. Its about being daring in my offering and pushing the previously rigid bounderies of what they can do for you and how. 

BIG PHARMA, prescription painkillers, anti depressants, sleeping tablets, anxiety pills, stress pills, are all ADDICTIVE. If its on a prescription its probably dangerous and addictive, They arent good for you, they cause addiction and all types of other dependency issues later down the line, all you need is 21 days on them, and youre an addict, sad but true.

Its sad because we have perfectly good herbs and flowers that treat all disorders, from depression to anxiety, from dementia to ADD, from fibromalgia to sleeplessness, from irritablity to anger, the list goes on. 

I am a herbal specialist & have studied herbs and their applications for 17 years, accumulating a vast amount of knowledge. As a wild woman at heart, I speak “plant”, as soon as I know the ailment, I can produce a herbal remedy as if by magic, however I am humble, because I continiously learn about new remedies and potions, concoctions and tinctures, as well as new herbs for all sorts of ailments, as to provide a great product to all of you, who I am commited to healing. Please know that I do not specialise in medical conditions, in any way,  have learned through self testing and application and will not recommend using any herbs whatsoever, in any way manner or form without checking with either myself or your doctor to see if they are safe to use.

I do my utmost to provide you with practical solutions and applications of my remedies, that are designed to intergrate seamlessly with you at all times. 

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